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Meet the professionals

These individuals have worked side by side over the years, helping each other reach the highest stakes in online poker. They have experienced the benefits of working together in a team. Our coaches have a true passion for the game itself, whether that is technically, mentally or performance related. They love the learning depths that poker has to offer. Instead of grinding away, they decided to continue learning by teaching poker to others.

Hence, the combined knowledge of these coaches will ensure a profitable, fulfilling and sustainable path to the highest stakes in online poker.

Rene Kuhlman

Founder and high stakes
cash game player

Rene, our technical head coach and high stakes cash game player, has a great passion and talent for looking at poker from all angles. This year, he went into ‘The Lab’ and dedicated all his time to make the Poker Ambition content and to narrow down what works. All to help our students achieve their maximum potential. Rene is our very own proven data specialist and strategy creator, showing the methods of defeating every stake.

Floris van der Ven

Founder and high stakes
cash game player

Floris, our peak performance coach, is crushing the highest stakes of online cash games on a regular basis. He started years ago, moving himself up the stakes rapidly. Besides from his poker knowledge, he is extremely gifted with all the necessary skills to deal with the mental and performance aspects of the game.

Luuk Gieles

High stakes cash game
and MTT player

Luuk Gieles has worked his way up the highest stakes of online poker. He started years ago, mainly focusing on Sit & Go's and MTTs. Ever since he started to join forces with our head coaches, his performance increased substantially. Nowadays you can find him playing on a regular base between 1KNL and 10KNL, besides being a sub coach for Poker Ambition.

Joris Ruijs

High stakes MTT player

Joris is our resident high stakes MTT specialist. He is regularly active in the MTT scene for a long time now, playing the highest buy-ins both online and all around the world. As an eager learner and student of the game, he is more than keen to transfer his knowledge to future hopeful MTT crushers. 

Marco van Es

General Manager at Poker Ambition

Marco has great passion for poker. He likes to organize homegames with his friends or he tries to beat some SNG's online as Inclusive-M. His passion for the game resulted in a great job at Poker Ambition as General Manager. Basically, Marco takes care of everything aside from the technical and mental aspects of poker. He is there to support and facilitate the professionals with their needs. Helping them crush the highest stakes. 

Govert Viergever

Former Olympic Athlete

Govert is an Olympian. He has been a professional rower at the highest level. He was a lot smaller than competitors, so he had to find an edge. During his 16 year career he has researched all he could find on increasing physical and mental performance. Nutrition, supplements, lifestyle, genetics and its influence on the brain and body. No stone is left unturned to find strategies for an upgraded performance.