Can anyone apply for Poker Ambition?

Yes, anyone can sign-up at Poker Ambition. However, if you want to join the Elite coaching group you need to be a professional cash game player at 200NL+ and at least breaking even.

Are you currently playing at 100NL and extremely motivated to move-up in stakes? Our team of sub coaches will educate you according to our PA philosophy and challenge you to get ready for the next Elite coaching group. All you need to do is convince us! Why should we give you, instead of someone else, that opportunity?

Just fill in our application form at ''Join our program'' and we will review and come back to you within 48 hours.

Do you offer staking and do you buy action?

Poker Ambition does not offer any kind of staking for players. However, if you are part of the Poker Ambition community you will get in touch with coaches and fellow students who you could sell action to.

How many games do I need to play per per month?

In the first place, you are expected to play a volume that will show us that you are serious about your game. Moreover, we have set a minimum amount of hands that you need to cover, depending on the stakes you play.

What is the minimal duration of the agreement?

The contract length will be minimum one year up untill two years, depending on the stakes you play. We believe that this is the minimal period to make sure we can implement our knowledge, so that you can rise-up in stakes.

How much experience do your coaches have?

Our coaches, TheWakko and Xplode7777, have been playing professional online poker for over 8 years. They have started at 10NL and have worked their way up to the highest stakes. In 2019, TheWakko went into ‘The Lab’ and dedicated all his time to make the Poker Ambition content and narrow it down to what works. All to help our students achieve their maximum potential.

Our peak performance coach, Xplode777, is regularly playing at the highest stakes of online cash games. Same for our sub coach, Pokerkluka, who is crushing limits between 1KNL and 10KNL on a daily basis.

How much coaching can I expect?

First, we start with a 3-month onboarding process. We will analyze your game, based on your last 100K hands and an in-game video that you need to hand-in. With your input, we will help you eliminate your biggest leaks. After that, we will continue helping you with everything that is needed to make it to the higher stakes.

After 3 months, we will evaluate your performance based on participation, professionalism and technical skills. Eventually, we make a decision whether you will make it to our exclusive army of crushers.

During the program, on average there will be a weekly online group coaching session, followed up by a hand review session. Additionally, there will be a monthly one-one-one coaching/evaluation session.

How do the coaching sessions look like?

The coaching sessions will be in a small group, which will be selected by our head coaches based on skill level and sharing the same ambitions and goals. On average there will be a weekly online group coaching session, followed up by a hand review session. Additionally, there will be a monthly one-one-one coaching/evaluation session.

The coaching path has been well thought, researched and calculated by our head coaches. We will focus on the most important areas of the game, while going deeper in to nuances every time the same spot comes along. The coaching sessions are going to be very interactive. For example, the coaches will give the group multiple problems to solve. Meanwhile, they will guide the group in the process to master the many different obstacles that come along.

Do you also offer coaching for MTTs?

Currently, we only offer one-day MTT courses, which are being held at our office in Rotterdam. In case you are interested, you can apply via our application form at ''Join our program''.

Moreover, in the future we will also present online MTT courses. If you want to stay up to date, please subscribe for our mailing list.

Why should I join Poker Ambition and not some other training site?

We take the community concept to the next level by facilitating lots of interaction between students, for example via our private Discord channel. Moreover, we provide all kind of benefits, like access to our exclusive content library, your own personalized performance tracker system, GTO solutions, multiple hand review channels, etc.

We believe in long term strategy by focusing on concepts instead of tricks that might help you on short term. Hence, we are going to point you exactly in the right direction to make sure you will rise up in stakes.

With two active groups of 17 students in total, we’ve already managed to move 8 students up in stakes in a short period of time, and therefore, proof that our concept works. You might have played against few our students, they are mainly active on PokerStars, playing between 100-1KNL. Some of them include: Niet2Maar3, Kempiii7, Teunuss, ElusiveMark and MBR402.

What is the price for coaching?

We offer coaching on a monthly subscription base, with a minimal duration of one year. The monthly fee will variate, depending on the limits you play.

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