We offer a customized coaching program for various limits, and it's especially designed to get you on a fast track to poker success.


For those who are serious and dedicated about improving their poker game and study all methods which are necessary to be profitable in the online poker industry today.

Accountability & Monitoring

Our coaches will be constantly monitoring your data and keep you accountable for the way you are playing. In an ambience which we're all looking for the right answer, each player works as a feedback loop for the other when monitored and processed correctly. That's where our head coaches come in to guide this process thoroughly.


We want you to focus on what really matters: improving your poker skills and enjoying life. Hence, we will give you the necessary management support which helps you  accomplish that. Together with our operational manager we can advise and provide all the help that is needed. Consequently, you can focus on what you are good at.

mental game & performance

Our coaches already figured out - the hard way - what’s important and how you gain a boost in your win rate. Learn from their mistakes and let them help you pointing out the right direction so that you can experience this learning curve yourself. They will find out what limiting beliefs or self-destructing thoughts are causing setbacks in your game. 


You'll be coached by some of the world's top cash game players, who are currently playing at the highest stakes of poker. They will help you reach the same level of success as them. The coaching lessons will be held in an open-minded learning environment where we tackle problems as a group.


Today there is so much content out there, but what is good and what isn't? Our coaches know exactly which content is helpful and at which point you need particular information to study. Rest assured. This content is only accessible for those who are part of our exclusive community.


What way is better than to learn from mistakes of others. Besides the experience of our head coaches, we've also built a community of like-minded players who are willing to join forces and help each other moving up in stakes. So, let's team up and share some poker knowledge.

What other players say

about Poker Ambition and its coaches

‘’Joining Poker Ambition has truly lifted my game to the next level. The program teaches you to understand poker, rather than learning tricks like most other programs do. The coaches are truly the best in the business, they know what works and what to avoid. If you’re ambitious and want to take your game to the next level, Poker Ambition is what you seek’’.

Online cash game player (500-1K NL)

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